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Stories of Apocalypse, or Survival Fantasies by Audrey Carroll

Advantage: I am a student of the Earth, reading old folklore about which herbs help rheumatism, investigating bird species and their usual habitat ranges. Understanding patterns doesn’t require anything but …

I Do Not Talk About Spoons by Rachael Dickzen

Before or After the Fall


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sharon wishnow

Hair Raising Facts and Bald-faced Lies by Sharon J. Wishnow

“Hi, Heidi, come back to the sink,” Jenny, my stylist at Hair Nature said, waving her hand. She wrapped me in a black plastic cape and began soaping my head, …


Sun King


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panic attack poem

Panic Attack

It starts out quiet.Terror muffles my earsWords, black smudgesHeartbeat faster and fasterAir thinner and thinner. Thoughts as fish in a river,Classmates becoming blobs of colorsForced into captivity,I exit the room. …

“Why can’t you sleep?”

MOONFACE by Cindy Pereira


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Artwork by Devon Roberts

Artist statement: I have fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. “Invisible” illnesses. As a transgender person with a psychiatric history, this often leads to doctors suggesting the pain is all …

Art by Eris Gentle

Anatomy of the Writer by Kristin LaFollette


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Brujería and Healing: An Interview with Lorraine M. of Bruja Heights

Brujería has been appearing more and more in trending hashtags, online articles, and Instagram posts. In Spanish, it means witchcraft, but that may or may not be how many are …


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The Recovering review

The Recovering: A Chorus of Support in the Battle Against Addiction

My father quit drinking in 2013 when he was sent home from his fire station, still intoxicated from the night prior. The department offered him a choice: enter a probation …

Mystery Diagnoses and The Big Sick

The Hum: An Essay in Response to Sonya Huber

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chronically lit editors

In Conversation: Exercising with Chronic Illness

chronically lit in conversation

In Conversation: Starting Chronically Lit