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Post Diagnosis_ Learning to Live With Your Assassin

Post Diagnosis: Learning to Live With Your Assassin

By Sarah Birdsong Mere weeks after Hurricane Irma raged her way through Atlanta in the month of September, 2017, I sat on the patient bed of my local gastroenterologist. The …

The Lorikeet

Straighten Up, Girl


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The Recovering review

The Recovering: A Chorus of Support in the Battle Against Addiction

My father quit drinking in 2013 when he was sent home from his fire station, still intoxicated from the night prior. The department offered him a choice: enter a probation …

Mystery Diagnoses and The Big Sick

The Hum: An Essay in Response to Sonya Huber


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Brujería and Healing: An Interview with Lorraine M. of Bruja Heights

Brujería has been appearing more and more in trending hashtags, online articles, and Instagram posts. In Spanish, it means witchcraft, but that may or may not be how many are …


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david weinholtz art skeleton

Art by David Weinholtz

Artist’s statement: Much of my art work, whether directly or indirectly, addresses my experiences with anxiety, depression and the always tempting but dangerous dance with various chemical dependencies.

Three Paintings by K. Carlton Johnson

Two Paintings by Sarah Bigham


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rob cook poetry

For the Doctors Who Don’t Know How To Find Your Body From Here

By Rob Cook Each brick of the hospital attacks each brick next to it. The fighting itself casts a shadethat lengthens over the parking lot,the incurable, pampered vehicles. The sky, …

On Holter Monitors and General Malaise



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ANNE by Anna Allen


By Anna Allen All hospitals smell the same: alcohol wipes, sugar-free cherry Jell-O, and cheap, plasticky bars of soap. The smell gets caught in my hair every time. This time, …

Sun King

Ain’t That Somethin’

In Conversation

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chronically lit editors

In Conversation: Exercising with Chronic Illness

chronically lit in conversation

In Conversation: Starting Chronically Lit

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