At Chronically Lit, we’re talking loudly about chronic illness. Our mission is to examine and expand the representation of chronic illness in contemporary literature, media, and culture.

Editor in Chief

jay vera summer editor in chief

Jay Vera Summer is a writer and artist from Chicago, living in Florida. She manages migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS/SIBO, POTS, and anxiety. Her work appears in Marie Claire, Luna Luna Magazine, Proximity, and more. Find more at jayverasummer.com or follow her at twitter.com/jayverasummer.





annalise mabe editor

Annalise Mabe is a writer from Tampa, Florida. She lives with Crohn’s Disease and receives biologic infusions once every two months. She’s written for Self Magazine, The Guardian, The Tampa Bay Times, Brevity, and many more. Her work can be found at annalisemabe.com.