Thanks for your interest in submitting to Chronically Lit! We’re looking for writing and art related to chronic illness. We’ll be paying a $10 token payment for each accepted piece out of pocket until we’re able to get a funding strategy up and running.

We consider all submissions of writing, art, and comics via submittable. Note that we get 100 free submissions per month, then only fee-based submissions remain open until the first of the next month. If you do not want to pay to submit, try to submit early in the month.

At this time, we only consider full submissions, not pitches. If you want to give us a head’s up on chronic illness in the media for  a link roundup or shout out/call out, please tweet at us or email us. Otherwise, use the link below for submissions:


Rights Details
We ask for first serial rights (meaning no one else has published the work before in print or online) and electronic archival rights (meaning we are allowed to keep your work online forever). Our rights are nonexclusive (meaning you can republish the work elsewhere later). If you do republish the work, we’d like to be mentioned as the first publisher.