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I Don’t Know by Lindsey Schaffer

Look both ways before crossing the street, always chew before you swallow, don’t talk to strangers. These are the first basic lessons I learned from my parents.  As I grew …

Questions without Answers by Wendy Kennar

Radiate Me


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Caves by Brittani Miller

Humans love to believe that it’s going to get better. Her lungs had been the first thing to go. She couldn’t venture up a flight of stairs without a five-minute …



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Judy Suite (Six Visual Poems) by Chris Gavaler

Artistic statement: “Judy Suite” is a sequence of graphic requiems recounting my mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s. Chris Gavaler is an associate professor of English at W&L University, where he serves …

Putting Out What You Might Put Away

Panic Attack


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Photography by Danielle Hark

Artist’s Statement: My work comes from my lived experience with bipolar disorder, psychiatric hospitalization, migraines, and PTSD. Poetry and art have been important therapeutic tools throughout my healing journey. I …

Judy Suite (Six Visual Poems) by Chris Gavaler

Artwork by Devon Roberts


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Brujería and Healing: An Interview with Lorraine Monteagut of Bruja Heights

Brujería has been appearing more and more in trending hashtags, online articles, and Instagram posts. In Spanish, it means witchcraft, but that may or may not be how many are …


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fundamentals of caring movie review

Teaching Everyone, Disabled or Not, How to Overcome Their Fears: Fundamentals of Caring Review by Hawken Miller

Ben Benjamin (Paul Rudd) sits for his first interview as a newly-minted caregiver and exchanges a few niceties with Elsa, the mother of his patient-to-be. Before they have a chance …

Mystery Diagnoses and The Big Sick

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